Finding Florida Arrest Records and Warrants

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Carrying Out a Background Check: Finding Florida Arrest Records and Warrants

The State of Florida makes it quite easy for any person to conduct a background check either on himself (so as to find out what others know about him/her) or on other people. What you will have to do is simply access the right databases, which are available online. Below, I present these databases to help you find Florida arrest records and warrants for the purpose of a criminal history search.

Inquiring about a Person’s Incarceration History

The FDLE’s online Criminal History Search shows Florida arrest records and criminal records based on a subject’s name. Anyone can access this tool. There are a few things you should be aware of. Neither Social Security Numbers nor criminal records which were expunged are presented to the public. And running a search requires a $25.00 fee.

How to Do an Inmate Lookup

To perform a Florida inmate search, I recommend the web-based offender information database managed by the FLDC. BY typing a name or a DC number, you will be shown an electronic record containing the following details: an inmate’s name, DC number, race, gender. birth date, release date, the facility where he/she is held, a mugshot (in some of the cases) and offense information.

You can track down former inmates by accessing a database of releases and supervised population. There is also a database showing absconders/fugitives.

Carrying out a Warrant Search

The Florda Crime Information Center (powered by the FDLE) shows wanted people and, so, enables you to trace Florida warrants. The data you will get includes the fugitive’s name, physique, date of birth, race, gender, last known address as well as the reporting agency and warrant number and date.

Doing a Local Search

Using local criminal history sources will enable you to run a more precise background check.

To find out if a person has an outstanding warrant or/and an arrest record on his/her name, go to your local Sheriff Office. They usually won’t have a problem revealing such information out of public safety considerations.

Moreover, most sheriff websites have an online arrest log showing current and, sometimes, past detainees. For example, you can perform an online Broward County arrest search here.

Some sheriffs also present a list of wanted people. For instance, you can inquire about arrest warrants in Miami-Dade county by accessing this databank.

Finally, criminal court records will tell you if a person of interest to you has ever stood trial and has been convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony). These records are accessible to the public at the county Clerk of Court. The majority of the Clerks have record search tools on their websites. Once you trace a records, you will usually be asked to pay a couple of dollars to get full access to it.

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