How to Protect Children from Sexual Predators


There is a Sexual Predator in Your Neighborhood! Guidelines to Help You Keep Your Children Safe

Shocking news continues to hit our television of scenes where young children and teens have been molested by trusted people such as long-distance relatives, trusted teachers, religious leaders, neighbors and entrusted caregivers. The act is both shocking and worrying leaving parents to wonder what they have to do to protect their young ones.

Not every child is confident enough to explain of this ordeal making it difficult for parents to determine the symptoms until it is too late. However, prevention is better than cure so parents should learn how to take care of their kids and protect them from sexual predators.

Tips for Protecting your Child from Sexual Predators

There are two general ways in which you can keep your child safe from sexual predators. These are:

  • Get involved in the day to day life of your child
  • Encouraging your child to speak up about their daily engagements

From the two ways, you can have several tips that can help you keep your child safe from sexual predators.

Getting involved in your Child’s Life

  • You can start by asking questions of how their day was, who they spent it with and the games that they were involved.
  • Get in touch with the people who are both actively and passively involved in your child’s life.
  • Be incisive in screening the people you want to leave your child with.
  • Talk about what is in the news with your child especially about sexual predators and how to deal with scenarios.
  • Be keen on the signs that your child portrays.

Give a voice to your child

By encouraging your child to speak up, they will be free to share encounters that do not seem right to them. Hence, you can determine when your child is at risk and help them out early. You can help your child in this case by;

  • Letting them know boundaries
  • They should know their bodies and what is or what isn’t right.
  • Give them a forum that they can be free to speak of what is happening in their lives.
  • Encourage them on topics they raise regarding their bodies and changes and what they might have heard about sex.

You cannot change the thinking of a psychopath but you can protect your child from them. Get involved with your kids to secure your child from sexual predators.


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