The Three Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

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The Three Most Dangerous Cities in Florida in Terms of Crime Rate

Being the 4th most populated state in the US, the cities in Florida do not contain goodcrime rates in florida news concerning crime rate. Out of the 100 most dangerous cities in Florida regarding crime rate, 11 are from Florida. The most common types of crime being; Murder, rape, robbery and assault. The following are the three most dangerous cities in Florida regarding crime rate.


The chance of becoming a victim in the city of Homestead is one out of sixty. Homestead is the most dangerous city in Florida and is also among the top 100 cities in the United States that are susceptible to criminal activities.

The city of Homestead is situated between two of the best parks in Florida, Biscayne National Park and Everglades National Park. Homestead is home to the Miami suburbs and a major agricultural area.

The City of Homestead has registered a total of 191 sex offenders, which makes this crime one of the most popular in the city. Other famous crimes that have been reported in Homestead include; murders, arson, burglaries and robberies.

Riviera Beach

The second most dangerous city in Florida regarding crime rate is Riviera Beach. The chance of becoming a victim of criminal activities in the city of Riviera Beach is one out of seventy-six. It is also among the top 100 cities in the United States that are most notorious regarding criminal activities.

Riviera Beach is situated in South Florida. The majority of the population in Riviera Beach are the African American. Riviera Beach is one of the most popular cosmopolitan cities in the United States. However, security of the City needs to be tightened to make Riviera Beach a more secure place to live.

Lake Worth

Coming third in the most dangerous cities in Florida, Lake Worth’s risk of becoming a victim is one in 78 individuals. Lake Worth is situated in Palm Beach County of Florida. It was named after the area’s eastern border which is a water body that was originally known as Lake Worth Lagoon.

Being among the 100 most dangerous cities in the United States in terms of crime rate, Lake Worth City has its share in common criminal activities such as burglary, theft, sex offense and robberies. Although it is a modern city that has access to pretty much everything you may need including infrastructure, it is a city to watch and security needs to be heightened.

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