The Community in Oshkosh is Actively Involved in Crime Prevention

Community involvement in crime prevention programs is not something new in the city of Oshkosh, Winnebago County, WI. The people in the city, together with law enforcement agencies, share the belief that crime is a social problem that should be solved at the community level.

One such notable effort to assist police in combating crime came from an

A police k-9 dog
A police k-9 dog

unexpected source. A martial arts school called Members of IMPACT Martial Arts raised a 1,000 dollars donation which was given to the Oshkosh Police dog unit in the beginning of November.

This sum of money was raised mainly from the selling of T-shirts. The shirts were specially design to express empathy towards the city’s law officers for the hard work they do on a daily basis to keep the law abiding population safe.

Chris Baardsen, a police officer in the past and currently the owner of the martial arts school, proudly said that the donation symbolized the care and feelings of support the people in Oshkosh feel towards the police.

High crime rates in Oshkosh

Although there has been much improvement in recent years, one should bear in mind that Oshkosh still struggles with high crime rates. In fact, it is considered safer than only 28% of the cities in the United States.

There are close to 170 violent crimes and 1,500 property crimes in the city every year on average. Police report 2.5 cases of violent offenses per 1,000 people. To compare the situation in Oshkosh to the rest of Wisconsin, one should pay attention to the following figure:  in the entire state, on average 22 crimes take place in 1 square mile. In Oshkosh the number is 66. Nationwide, the average is 32.8.

There is no doubt that if the community keeps on taking a proactive role in supporting and helping the police fight crime, we will witness improvement in years to come. The streets will become safer and the quality of life higher.

Andrew Clay

Andrew Clay: Senior Writer at
Andrew Clay, aged 65, is the leading voice and main writer at His journey is
marked by a lifelong dedication to combating crime, both in his earlier career and in his current role.
A retired police officer with a degree in law, Andrew's experience spans decades of active service on
the streets, where he bravely risked his own safety for the protection of his community.
Transitioning from physical law enforcement to a focus on research and education, Andrew
continues his fight against crime through a different medium. His work now revolves around
conducting thorough research and disseminating knowledge about crime prevention. Andrew
believes firmly that understanding crime is the cornerstone of effectively preventing it. His writings
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As a prominent member of's Crime Coalition Prevention, Andrew contributes
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belief that comprehending the nuances of crime is essential for effective prevention.
Residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Andrew's life is enriched by his family. He is married to his
sweetheart, Lora, for an amazing 33 years. Together, they have three children and five
grandchildren. His personal experiences as a family man and community protector deeply influence
his perspectives and dedication to public safety. Andrew's work at is not just a
profession; it's a continuation of his commitment to making society a safer place for current and
future generations.

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