How Did Rudolph Giuliani Make New York a Safer Place?

Rudy Giuliani (on the right) with Nancy Reagan and Vito Fossella
Rudy Giuliani (on the right) with Nancy Reagan and Vito Fossella

Before Rudolph Giuliani came to power in 1994, New York City was a crime center and was considered one of the least safe places to live in the Western World.Giuliani, together with his Police Commissioner,William Bratton, decided to change the situation drastically and wipe out most of the criminal activity in NYC. How did they accomplish the task?

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Crime Prevention Methods

Here are a few major crime prevention methods used by law enforcement agencies and policy planners in cities and counties.

Increasing surveillance

Means such as guards, alarms and security cameras deter criminals from engaging in illegal activity. The fear of being watched and monitored will make offenders go to other places that are not covered by surveillance devices. High security buildings and even residential neighborhood use these devices and report major decrease in crime rate.

Surveillance does not have to include hi-tech equipment. Street light can do a wonderful job as well. Practice has shown that in well lit places there are less burglars and less drug dealers.

Access Denial

crime preventionCriminals will be deterred from committing an offense in an area that denies them a quick escaping route. A clear example is a road with speed bumps. No one will rob a bank if he cannot drive away quickly.

Some neighborhoods hire private security companies which build road blocks monitoring vehicles upon entering and leaving a designated area.

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The Community in Oshkosh is Actively Involved in Crime Prevention

Community involvement in crime prevention programs is not something new in the city of Oshkosh, Winnebago County, WI. The people in the city, together with law enforcement agencies, share the belief that crime is a social problem that should be solved at the community level.

One such notable effort to assist police in combating crime came from an

A police k-9 dog
A police k-9 dog

unexpected source. A martial arts school called Members of IMPACT Martial Arts raised a 1,000 dollars donation which was given to the Oshkosh Police dog unit in the beginning of November.

This sum of money was raised mainly from the selling of T-shirts. The shirts were specially design to express empathy towards the city’s law officers for the hard work they do on a daily basis to keep the law abiding population safe.

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