How to Do a Winnebago County Background Check, WI

winnebago county back ground checkIf you want to carry out a Winnebago County Background check, Warrant search,Criminal record check so as to find out if another person has had any problems with the police in the past, your best source is the office of the sheriff. They offer numerous online search services you will find highly useful.

First, the sheriff’s website allows you to run a record check. The service is offered free of charge. But you need to carefully fill in all the details for maximum precision. It will take them up to 5 business day to provide you with results via the email.

To conduct an arrest inquiry, you should contact the Corrections Division within the sheriff office, phone no.920-236-7380.

Performing a warrant search

A criminal record check in Winnebago County cannot be complete if you do not get access to warrant information. To discover if a certain individual is wanted by the police, make contact with the sheriff’s Warrant Division at 920-236-7304. The sheriff’s website also displays the county’s most wanted fugitives at the following URL.

What about sex offenders?

Parents will do all they can to make sure their loved ones do not get near people with a history of sex violence. Wisconsin sex offender registry is a highly effective tool to locate these very dangerous people. The registry enables you to locate former sex felons by their name and place of residence.


Most of the information needed to initiate a criminal record check in Winnebago County is accessible to everyone. There is no reason, therefore, not to utilize it and make the necessary investigations on people close to you. It is not paranoia; it is just a natural desire to keep safe and avoid unnecessary risks.

If you want hire a babysitter or go on a blind date, check who they really are before it may be too late.

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